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Hawai’€˜i ’13 was The Green’€™s third studio album and second full-length released on Easy Star Records. It was recorded and mixed with Danny Kalb (Ben Harper, Beck, Jack Johnson) mainly in Costa Mesa, CA, at Hurley Studios. It debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Reggae Chart and won three Na Hoku Awards in Hawaii, for Best Album by a Duo or Group, Entertainer of the Year, and Best Reggae Album. It features the hit singles “Chocolates & Roses,” “Good One,” “Something About It,” and “Take Me On.”

Release Date: August 20th, 2013

“The deeply soulful sound emanating from The Green’s Hawai’I ’13 is absolutely everything you could ask for in a fifteen track stretch of authentic island style…It is culturally deep throughout, making for a vibrantly rich listen…If someone were to come to me and say pick one album to bring the Reggae/island sound back to the front of the pack, without batting an eye, I would thrust Hawai’I ’13 into their hands. The Green has received immense praise in the past and their latest release will only raise that bar again. Turning to more love than politics and more airy than forceful, The Green play to the middle with a practical but very impressive presence.” – Nanobot Rock

“What made me fall in love with The Green aside from their song writing and talented singing is knowing that they truly put their all into everything- every song, every album and every performance. Zion Thompson and the other members never take their success for granted and never forget how far they have come.” – That Music Mag

“…darn near the perfect reggae album and if you throw [in] their positivity and thoughtfulness these guys are a rapidly approaching musical Nirvana.” – The Pop Stereo

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