Indubious, the Reggae Rootstronica Revolutionaries, are set to release their new single “Neva Bow” on November 13, the band’s first release on Easy Star Records. “Neva Bow” features underground Bay-Area Hip Hop icon Zion I and is the first single from Indubious’ upcoming studio album The Bridge. To stream the single, go to http://moremusic.at/NevaBow. Glide Magazine premiered the song’s official music video on November 12. The video was filmed in Bend, Summer Lake, and Phoenix, all areas around the band’s home state of Oregon, and directed by Tim Cash. 

Evton and Skip, brothers and bandmates (along with drummer Matty T. Wells) in Indubious, explain the single as, “about a mindset of fear-based mentality that is unconsciously embraced by otherwise good-hearted people. Thoughts and words hold a power typically beyond what people are aware of consciously. The aim and message of the song is to bring awareness to how we hold our energy as Creators. What we focus on becomes our truth and inspires our actions. When we choose the good in our endeavors, speak with intention and purpose, and choose to amplify love, we can be free, and live without fear.” The track instantly resonated with Zion I.  “When we sent him the track,” Skip explained, “it hit him in a way where he said he really loved it and felt it deeply and wanted to be involved. His style has always been very influential, so it was a joy to have him working with us.”

The Oregon-based duo has cultivated a strong fan base, affectionately called Indubians, with their impressive instrumental skill, powerful harmonies, and an electrifying stage presence. In addition to their memorable live shows, which have put them on numerous U.S. festival stages, as well as on tour with The Movement, Stephen Marley, and others, Indubious are no strangers to chart success. Their 2019 album Beleaf debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart and #2 on the iTunes Reggae Chart, which marked a new high for the band building on the previous success of their2017 album From Zero, which debuted at #6 on the Billboard Reggae Chart and #8 on the iTunes Reggae Charts. . With their recent signing to tastemaker label Easy Star Records, their new single and upcoming album will be elevated to new heights.

In these trying times, “Neva Bow” reminds us that we have a responsibility to ourselves to develop our self-love and self-worth, and to let that trickle out to everything we touch. To not bow down to what we are told to feel, believe, and fear – to know for ourselves and to let that change our relationship with reality as we know it to be. The band concludes, “Life is a gift, the best gift you will ever receive, so we don’t play with that – we rise into that honor by choosing life over death, by not bowing down to anything that doesn’t line up with these truths.”