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New Kingston was one of the first bands to combine the old and new worlds of reggae. Being Jamaican by birth and growing up around the New York City scene, where their father (and band bassist) Courtney Panton Sr. played sessions and live shows, they were exposed to the Jamaican-facing aspects of the genre, its roots and history, and its ever-changing current styles. But the three brothers in New Kingston (Courtney Jr., Stephen, and Tahir) also witnessed the boom in American reggae first hand, and utilized the ways US bands have pushed the genre: constant touring, great live shows, and social networking. KINGSTON CITY was the band’s third full-length (and first on Easy Star Records). It features 12 original songs, including collaborations with Tribal Seeds, Hawaiian singer/songwriter Kimie Miner, The Wailing Souls, Sister Carol, and the late, great Sugar Minott.

Release Date: January 27th, 2015

“Kingston City is a genuine body of work that displays an incredible vocal range, candid lyrics and impressive instrumentals. It gives the listener the sort of meaningful connection and escape that every piece of music should provide.” — Top Shelf Reggae

“This album is the pairing of exceptional musicianship and excellent production along with a guest-list of talent that reads like a reggae legacy spanning decades of genres…Kingston City is beaming with positivity, messages of faith and expressions of love…” — The Pier

“New Kingston is rooted in roots, but brings textures and styles from across the spectrum and the time continuum, colored in the under-heralded hues of reggae music that are unique to New York’s Five Boroughs.” — Examiner

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