The newest album by legendary Jamaican deejay Spragga Benz Chiliagon drops today! Chiliagon is the result of a natural collaboration with primary producers Oury, his Buttercuts partner Andrew Fowler, GRAMMY-nominated producer Cristy Barber, and Spragga Benz himself. On the album’s creation he says, “It was effortless the way the album came together: the producers put their beats together, I put my songs together, and we got the sound we wanted.” Spragga pushes genre boundaries on Chiliagon with his many collaborators including Lil’ Rossco, Toddla T, Cadenza & Epic B, Sukh Knight, Zed Bias, JD Reid, Rodney P, General Levy, Tanika, Killa P, Black Josh, Harry Shotta, Rebel ACA, Hype & Fever, and many more. The new album blends elements of roots, riddim, drum and bass, garage, grime, and hip hop into a kaleidoscope of infectious beats with Spragga’s razor-sharp delivery cutting through.

Of his artistic direction, Spragga Benz says, “Sometimes it feels like a thousand different musical genres have come from reggae and dancehall. With this album, we set out to get into those styles, but I NEVER do what everybody is doing… I never follow any bandwagon.” The diverse and expansive Chiliagon continues Spragga’s reign as one of reggae’s greatest innovators and curators, knocking down boundaries with his focus on the musical blueprint he leaves behind.