Spragga Benz, Jamaican dancehall icon, is dropping a new album Chiliagon September 27th and it’s available for pre-order now! Spragga continues to reinvent Reggae music culture with his blistering delivery, razor-sharp rhymes, and impeccably smooth flow featured on the album. On this album, he explores new genres of reggae while maintaining his signature sound and musical aesthetic. Refusing to follow the trends like other artists, Spragga Benz sets the trends.

Chiliagon is the result of a natural collaboration with primary producers Oury, his Buttercuts partner Andrew Fowler, GRAMMY-nominated producer Cristy Barber, and Spragga Benz. On the album’s creation he says, “It was effortless the way the album came together: the producers put their beats together, I put my songs together, and we got the sound we wanted. Some of Spragga’s new sounds are already out and blowing minds including singles “Spread Out” and “Wicked Love” off of the soon to be released Chiliagon.