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Dust And Dirt, the second album released on Easy Star by the Black Seeds, introduced new sounds and styles not heard on the band’s previous releases whilst still retaining the trademark Black Seeds sound the band had become so known for. “€œCracks In Our Crown,”€ “€œLoose Cartilage,”€ and “€œThe Bend”€ all take the experiments with funk begun on Solid Ground in even further directions. “€œDon’€™t Turn Around”€ finds the band doing a fresh take on a disco-boogie jam full of old school funk and plenty of bouncy playfulness. The opener “Out Of Light”€ sounds different from anything the band has tried before, tipping into an almost psychedelic pop sound, while roots gems like “Love Me Now”€ and the title track remind listeners that The Black Seeds are still one of the finest classic reggae bands in the business. “€œPippy Pip,”€ the bubbly, upbeat first single, was built by layering over a demo that had such a cool vibe that they never re-recorded the original parts.

Release Date: April 10th, 2012

“Dust And Dirt displays an avant reggae infused with ’70s east coast soul, jazz-funk, garage rock, Talkin’ Loud acid jazz and trip hop.” – LA Examiner

“The down-tempo leanings of “Out Of Light” showcases the band’s subdued grooves and remarkable ability to create modern masterpieces reflecting a psychedelic edge. The funky tunes are great in every respect. The length is moderate, the variety is good, and the songs are unforgettable.”
– Inside World Music

“The Black Seeds embody all the archetypal reggae tropes…but do so with a nod to world music at large. Elements of jazz, ska, funk, and electronica weave in and out of the Seeds’ records, making for tracks that are both listenable and intricately layered…The Black Seeds are a prime example of a group that gets it right and continues to push reggae forward in new, exciting directions.”
Santa Barbara Independent

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