Protoje releases his first music since his GRAMMY-nominated 2018 album A Matter Of Time. His newest single ‘Not Another Word’ drops today (4.26) across all streaming platforms. The song features a collaboration with fellow Jamaican artistes, Agent Sasco (formerly Assassin) and Lila Iké, and is co-produced with Zion I Kings.

The lyrics are another hard-hitting punch from Protoje, who speaks starkly about a number of societal issues and incidents, offering a chilling reckoning of current times. With an explosive chorus delivered by Lila Iké, together the trio issue a rallying cry for a new level of social consciousness. The haunting chant “We don’t… we don’t learn, so now we gotta go the hard way” poetically sums up the sentiment of the track – it is up to us to take responsibility for our actions and we must do better.


“When I started writing this song, I knew I wanted guests on it with me,” says Protoje. “I knew Lila’s vocals would be a perfect fit to compliment myself and Agent Sasco. Sasco is someone that I’ve always wanted to do a song with and because of his extreme lyrical ability I knew I would have to be on my A-Game. I love how the song came out and sincerely hope the message of the song is not lost.”

On working with Protoje, Agent Sasco shares “It’s the first time Protoje and I are deejaying on a song together. As a fan of music, I’m excited about that. I hope the fans will feel the same.”

Lila iké adds “Not Another Word is a really strong song. It speaks about some of Jamaica’s most provocative social issues right now and I hope it forces us (the people) to look within ourselves and be more thoughtful as it relates to taking care of each other and our surroundings. It’s an honor to be on such a powerful song with two of Jamaica’s most skilled artistes who have been making great music consistently over the past decade. It’s truly an inspiration for me, and I hope to be as consistent with great music as they have been.”