“Natty Pablo,” Jesse Royal’s second single from his upcoming sophomore album, now has a 300K-directed video, finding the artist moving product on a truck before he and his crew get stopped by the police. But instead of finding drugs as they predicted, the officers are met with a surprise that reflects their contradictory mind-set about Rastafarians.

“Ain’t nothing like di Narcos, tell mi where we cyan go with this contraband inna we cargo/ Call him Natty Pablo,” Royal spits on the chorus atop a steady, pounding bass line.

“There’s good in bad and bad in good,” Royal explains to Billboard about the song’s lesson. “Many teachers will come along your path, but it takes a real student to grasp the message and activate. The time for reintroducing love to the revolution is now.”

Director 300K also weighs in: “Directing Jesse’s ‘Natty Pablo’ has been one of my favorite projects to date. Throughout my childhood, I remember not feeling all the way safe around police, but we had lots of respect for the older people in our community, the OGs. They made sure we were all good and that impacted me greatly. When I first heard the record, I knew right away that I wanted to translate that into the visual.”