Mortimer’s highly anticipated new EP Fight the Fight is finally here! The two singles “Careful” and “Lightning”  already made big waves in the reggae world ahead of the rising roots-reggae artist’s debut EP made in collaboration with GRAMMY-nominated producer Winta James of Overstand Entertainment. The result of this meeting of musical forces is a six-track masterpiece featuring live musicianship, top-notch production, and emotive lyricism that combine to create a fresh sound, breathing new life into soulful roots reggae. The EP glides effortlessly from hard-hitting drum & bass to seductive lovers rock to spiritually conscious soul-reggae, as Mortimer’s haunting, melismatic, honey-sweet vocals narrate his deeply personal stories with touching vulnerability and openness. You may recognize his signature heartfelt delivery from his features on Protoje’s last two albums.

On his artistic mindset surrounding the release of Fight The Fight, Mortimer says, “Even if we all experience differently, we can all relate in some way or another to that feeling. All in the name of staying alive, we fight. Inspiration comes from all around – my relationship with my wife, my relationship with others around me, my relationship with this world, but to be inspired you have to open your heart – much wider than you do your eyes. Seeing and feeling go hand in hand yet are so different from each other. We must seek not only to be inspired but to inspire as well. Through my music I hope to uplift my brothers and sisters around me – at home and abroad – to contribute to a uniting of people.”