Diving straight into the deep end with the ruckus that is ‘Light The Fuse,’ the record is set up with rumbling heavyweight bass movements that naturally match the controlled chaos of ‘Eye Of The Storm’ and ‘Midnight Healing.’ Meeting every unique end of the spectrum, Gentleman’s Dub Club once again draw on their incredible ability to fuse sounds together until they feel like they’ve always belonged. From the earth-rattling sounds of the first single “Stardust,” to the blockbuster proportions of “Intergalactic”, the deep undulations of “Ground Shakin” and onto the beautifully melodic and aptly titled “Out Of This World” – no comet is left unburnt. Joining the band on this interstellar adventure are the equally awesome Million Stylez and Winston Francis, who feature on “Turning Back” and “Walking Away” respectively, both of which have feel-good, ear-to-ear smile vibes throughout.


“Triumphant, powerful beats from Gentleman’s Dub Club, an act who continue to push sound-system music way above and beyond – 8/10”Mixmag

“The floor once again under the feet, you are happy over a successful space trip.. Or over the most compelling album from the Gentleman to date.”Riddim Magazine

Looking to transcend the humdrum presented by society? Then play “Stardust”— and play it loud.”Top Shelf Reggae

“Gentleman’s Dub Club are a 365 force in reggae, with their soulful system shakers gaining a global audience. New single ‘Light The Fuse’ starts the year off right, with their revolutionary skank spiralling out into outer dimensions of bass exploration.”Clash Magazine

“Lost In Space – The result is out of this world” – StubHub

“GDC are set to bless our ear drums with more dubby sounds, sick collaborations and concepts for thought”Beetz Magazine

“Some bands play it safe, some bands push boundaries. Gentleman’s Dub Club rockets past those boundaries, creating concept albums(!) that take listeners on genre-crossing, mind-bending sonic adventures, blending reggae, dub, jazz and jam-band aesthetics, creating a sound that’s somehow both rooted and futuristic.” – Reggae Steady Ska

“The energetic melodic dancehall tune “Turning Back” is irresistibly danceable and makes one longing for the release of their album” – Reggae Vibes