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The promoters who were bringing the Easy Star All-Stars to Bogota, Colombia, this past weekend for the show that ended up being cancelled by the police at the last minute have issued a press release. The text of it (in Spanish and English) is below. We want to make sure our fans in Colombia know that the All-Stars had nothing to do with the cancellation and hoped to play. We are hoping the band can return later this year to play. We will say from our side that the promoters, Red Rock Interactive, treated the band well and were dealing with issues out of their control that cancelled the show. They are doing their best to make everything right with the fans now.

Los organizadores del concierto Easy Star All Stars se excusan frente a su público por la cancelación del evento este viernes 14 de Mayo de 2010.

Toda boleta comprada será restituida por medio de puntos Tu Boleta a partir del 20 de Mayo. Si la boleta fue comprada a uno de los socios, les pedimos nos informen para restituir el dinero.

Asumimos la responsabilidad completamente y nos comprometemos a solucionar cualquier daño hecho.

Lamentamos profundamente la pérdida de tiempo y recursos causada a los asistentes. El evento y el grupo en Facebook se mantendrán abiertos hasta que podamos darle atención a todas las personas perjudicadas.

Reafirmamos nuestro compromiso con este tipo de eventos y pronto tendremos una fecha alternativa para el concierto.

Agradecemos a los Easy Star All Stars, Pulenta, Voodoo Souljahs y a De Juepuchas por su gran apoyo y entendimiento durante este difícil momento.

The organizers of the Easy Star All-Stars concert would like to offer a public apology for the cancellation of the event on Friday, May 14, 2010. Every ticket bought will be returned in full through TuBoleta purchase points from May 20. If the ticket was bought directly from one of the promoters, we ask that the ticket holder contact us directly to return their money. We assume the responsibility completely and we commit to paying all of our vendors, returning all tickets in full and for covering any other damages that may have occurred. We regret deeply the waste of time and resources caused to all of the people involved with the event. The event and the group in Facebook will remain open as a forum for us to respond to all affected by this situation. We reaffirm our commitment to bringing these types of events to Colombia, and if possible and when appropriate we will reschedule the concert. We again would like to thank the Easy Star All-Stars, Pulenta, Voodoo Souljahs and De Juepuchas for their great support and understanding during this difficult moment.

Easy Star All-Stars

Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band

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