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November 20, 2013
"Passafire’s Vines has debuted at #1 on the Billboard and iTunes Reggae charts. Vines, the band’s fifth studio album, "is Passafire's best,” according to Angelica Music. The record was released November 11th and is the band’s debut release for Easy Star. The album debuted impressively on other Billboard charts including #10 on the Heatseekers Chart, #57 on the Independent Releases, #1 on South Atlantic New Artist Chart, and #109 on the Top 200 Digital albums, amongst others. The album mirrors the success of 2011’s album Start From Scratch, which also debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart, but outselling that album’s first week.

“As our label grows, we are always looking for new talent that compliments and enhances our roster. Passafire is a natural fit to our family, but also brings a diverse and alternative sound that is truly unique to them. With their new album debuting at #1, it further elevates their profile to the top of the exploding U.S. reggae scene,” says Easy Star CEO Eric Smith.

The band just announced new shows on the East Coast with Slightly Stoopid in late December. Press accolades for Vines have been pouring in from a diversity of media outlets.

“By the time you cruise through Vines’ 13 tracks, you know you’ve been somewhere – with Passafire having led you by the hand through a set of tunes flavored with everything from essences of prog rock, message-laced thinking man’s pop, and thumpa-thumpa just-dance-and-be moments, to – yes – reggae rock with a powerful rumblewomp foundation.” – Jambands.com

Vines is well worth your time if you’re into inventive reggae-tinged alternative rock, as few bands around do it as well as these guys.” – Behind The Hype

“Solid recordings and a very unique mixture of Rock and Reggae that helps these guys stand out from much of the other Reggae/Rock out there.” – Rudeboy Reggae

“Loaded with the kind of indie cred that easily gives it its street stripes, this is some wildly smoking stuff that not only is fun…but opens the ears and hikes the curiosity to dig further into the reggae treasure chest.” – Midwest Record

"Passafire is on fire with this catchy release." – Inside World Music " More info »

November 11, 2013
"Passafire's VINES - the band's fifth studio album and first on Easy Star Records - is out now, as of 11/11/13! The record, produced by the band and mixed by Butthole Surfer Paul Leary (Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, Sublime), features 13 amazing new songs that showcase the band's signature reggae/rock sound. Some early quotes:

"Passafire is on fire with this catchy release." - Inside World Music

"This is Passafire's best album." - Angelica Music

"Vines pulls together progressive and alternative rock, along with hints of reggae in a way that is unrivaled by anyone in music." - The Pier Magazine

Order the record here and help the band hit #1 on Billboard's reggae chart in week one:
Google Play

The record is also available in physical format at many brick and mortar stores, check with your local record store and ask for it. " More info »

October 02, 2013
"You can now pre-order VINES, the fifth studio album (and first on Easy Star) by Passafire. Pre-order the digital version via Easy Star Store and you can add in a brand new tee shirt (for men or women). All physical pre-orders will get a full album download on the day of release, Nov 11. Plus, you can get a 25% discount on the whole order through Oct 7. " More info »

September 25, 2013
"After an incredible tour through the Midwest, Colorado and New Mexico, John Brown’s Body has returned home to prepare for October dates with Groundation. They'll hit Philly, Baltimore, and New York on October 3rd, 4th, and 5th respectively, culminating at the inaugural By The Rivers Of Babylon NYC Reggae Festival, where JBB and Groundation will be joined by Kiwi and New Kingston to take over The Watermark on Pier 15! Following that run, JBB returns to their old stomping grounds in upstate New York for shows at The Westcott Theater in Syracuse and The Haunt in Ithaca.

John Brown’s Body also announced a new leg of their Fall Tour in sunny California! This time around they are joined by Stick Figure as they travel south along the Pacific Coast Highway from The Independent in San Francisco to The Griffin in San Diego. Tickets go on sale this week. For more information, check out the JBB tour dates page. " More info »

August 29, 2013
"Hawaii’s breakout band The Green has debuted at #1 on The Billboard Reggae and iTunes Reggae charts with the release of their third studio album Hawai‘i '13, and impressively landed at #77 on The Billboard Top 200 Chart. The critically-acclaimed album has also debuted on other Billboard charts including #13 on the Top Pacific Chart, #25 Top Indie Chart, and #40 on the Top 200 Digital albums, amongst others.

“With its #1 debut on the reggae charts, Hawai‘i '13 continues to prove that The Green is one of the top reggae acts today. But debuting at #77 on The Billboard Top 200 chart and seeing big sales spikes in new territories also demonstrates that the band’s aggressive touring and infectious music is winning over new fans and taking things to another level,” says Easy Star Records co-founder Eric Smith.

The band is about to embark on another extensive 25-Date US tour with Schwayze and Kimie supporting. Critical praise from a diverse range of media outlets has agreed that this is the band’s strongest album yet. " More info »

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